Circle of sacrifice 
circle of taste
One is the truth
another a waste

An infamous man 
in the world of the wicked
Said once said
deceiving the souls all ignorance stricken
"to be or not be to be? this is the question!"
While the prison house goddess
with all of her weapons
asks sharply to counter the deception
"to taste or to be tasted?"
this the real question!"

"Oh my children are you ready for the sacrifice?"

The lay the land 
is the head's in the sand
Those  blinded by the arrogance of pride 
become intoxicated by drinking the wine
of their false egos
Since their eyes are diseased 
they cannot perceive 
the reality of their actions

In everyones hand
in the faithless land
plays a drum of conception
Today is the day
Mine is the way
This is the illusion 
that you should be believing
While the wrong that I see
is the poison in me
My receiver 
the deceiver 
in the deception

Yes yes 
eye eye 
wondering wondering
why why 
Yes yes 
eye eye
acts of the self centred  
and the 
me me my my

My fair-weather friends
never seem to end
Everyone wanting their piece of flesh
Truth comes to test
With those curve balls best 
To see what is blah
and find the real feelings

Conceptual appropriation
vibe suck in the maha tattva
In the land where everyone are pirates
Where is the original idea
Of all that be
and the beyond me 
The creator god sheds his skin and another dream is created
but was it his anyway
Puppets in a shadowplay
Oh I'm tired of the force fed facsimile counterfeit currency that presents itself as the facts of reality 
and the words of godhead marketed team
"even better than the real thing"

Conceptual thieves
in the moralist land
Getting out of hand 
with measurements about
to catch another out
Exposing the fear of venerability
Dark sounds to covert the light
into food for the machine

Run like chickens down
pathways of madness
Looking for chairs of glory
in the land of yet to come
Nothing good is achieved
through the arts of backstabbing
and everything will become undone

Gods guilt the forbidden quilt
World of a thousand promises
Bruised dreams and the demons means 
to keep the believers captive
Conscious hook and the ego trap 
Fed by the objects of distractions
and all that other crap
While the heart bleeds and feels the need
to be loving in the plain of action

Issue and conditions 
All of the above
Blocks and barriers 
Between yourself and love
Issues and conditions
All of the below
Meeting of the dream
Begging the everflow

Soup scorned whispers and lashings of the mind
In my pride I was thinking all this was left behind
But now the arts are of evasions, dashing, aloof, rockhop
To avoid the mixed up feelings to miss the superdrop

Who knows the keys of mysteries strung from my masters belt
Who knows the rings of deceivers who deliver the truth misspelt
Who knows the fortune of the seekers blind in the mirror maze
Who knows the way to the answer of answers 
and the secrets of the mountain master's cave

Timeless wisdom 
from the mouths of the saints
The facts of the truth
are not my complaint
Sore ears numb from the drum of half truths
"all is one"
Drum Drum Dumb
A wicked song
when the difference is in the beauty

Those hollow sweet words of nothingness 
will never become
timeless wisdom 
from the mouths of the saints
The reality of the truth
accept without resistance
without complaint
There is a world beyond matter and light
where exists the Beautiful Couple
of Infinity 

From the sound of beauty shines the land of the Divine Form
The land of love and sweetness adorned
Identity kept after the ego has swept
the floor with the wheel of karma
Fits like a glove
the service form of radiant transcendence

The Mountain sings the luminous land
of the Sweet Blue Boy clan
Stolen in love of the Goddess
Spread it's rivers of love throughout all of creation
Divine sound 
spreading around
the chanting through the tribes
beloved of the sacred cow.

Under the great flying mountain the golden rivers are flowing 
as the feet thump on the earth to the sound of the name
Erupt erupt and flow and inundate the land with nectar 
Oh golden lord erupt and flow inundate the land with nectar

Erupt erupt oh golden lord
let the nectar flow unto the land.

Fear not children
as you drown in the ocean

Fear not oh children 
as you glimpse the original culture open it's doors.

Sounds of beauty sounds of hope
Infinite sound of depth and scope
Sounds of sweetness sounds of charm
The infinite sound making hearts calm

Who would I tell 
and who would believe
it's more than the info
and harder to read
The original culture as it descends

There comes a point when all of the sound
has gone round and round and round
All of the voices and all of the whispers
making shapes and making pictures
coming together making a form
The one to love
The one to adorn
Infinite names of the infinite form
Infinite qualities for the infinite plays
Infinite paths and only one way

The original culture as it is about to happen

Forward and back
its all in choice
to sing with love and a faltering voice

The original culture as it is about to happen.

The original culture? you may ask
drinking from the original flask
The original culture of the original lord
The original name of the original form
the original play of the original way

The path is love and devotion

Original self Original form Original home never been there before
All that has come before has been a dream
All that has come before has been setting the scene
for the dark rule breaker to announce and behold
covered in her heart halo gold
The example 
is but himself 

singing and dancing

On and on
the infinite search
of infinite thirst 
On and on
for the infinite taste

Nothing is better than a drop of the real thing

Suicide squad
the diehard crew
If only you knew
their sacrifice making reality beautiful

only the few
survive the land of the heartbroken
Transforming the desert 
into an oasis for the lovers of soul

if only for a moment

The original culture happened