• Beauty for Love’s Sake

    Knowledge and Power will retire in the presence of Love and Beauty. Beauty is searching of Love, while Love seeks to satisfy Beauty. Beauty exists for Love’s Sake. Beauty should not be forsaken for the efficiency of production as this will only create a lesser reality. Beauty can be condensed into a concentrated force of humble simplicity, which can be applied to any situation. The outcome being Love, the currency of Reality the Beautiful, in the garden of abundance. The vulgarity of image or vision is a condition of a relative mind, while vulgarity of conception is the impetuous to control reality with knowledge and power. The natural search for sweetness and surrender will untangle us from this dilemma. In the play of consciousness, Conception is Everything. Quality of Conception defines the quality of identity. Personality should not be compromised for acceptance of the whole, rather a new type of unity must be conceived. A unity that can comprehend all type of differences and variety in perfect harmony. The relative and the absolute, the Light and the Dark in a universal vision, that allows the exclusive apex of every individual to exist in a liquid dynamic. The self does not choose to homogenisation for the sake of unity but accepts a natural role as a servant of the servant of those seeking to satisfy Divine Love and Beauty. An intense self cultivation of Integrity of Motivation, will lead one to the understanding of the common search is for ecstasy. This search for taste is driving force behind all life forms, that is sculptured by their understanding of relationships, defining the goal and the process to achieve the goal. The conclusion being that behind all thoughts and all experiences, Feeling is the Foundation and the final analytical tool that will produce faith. Through the eyes of faith the divine will reveal itself. and this revelation will be according to the quality of affection held within the gaze. I paint, I saw, I was conquered. isha black 2006

Conceptual Texts

  • Dharma of Design

    A theory of applying the understanding of dharma - the underlying quintessential nature of the universe - to the process of design. Condensing the elements of design into their essential function, allowing the inherent qualities of the medium itself to express the purpose, feelings and ideas of a work.

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Poetic Narratives

  • Black Cloud River

    Black cloud river is a textual experiment to create 108 poetic tweets. These are condensed multifacted arrangements of ideas, expressing a metaphysical biographical timeline that critique the clash of external geopolitcal and inter-personal events as they collide with the inner cultivation of sadhana bhakti and the descent of guru vipralambha.

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  • Hyper contextual

    Hyper contextual is an experiment in poetry, prose and code. The base presumption of the experiment is explore how the context of a narrative can be affected by following a html hyperlink

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  • The Tree exclaimed the Mountain

    Written from the perspective of a celibate sadhaka, The Tree exclaimed the Mountain is a poetic narrative exploring the revelation of a sacred vision of the landscape and cultural shift to the world view of saraswat gaudiya vaisnavism.

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  • The Original Circle

    The Orginal Circle is the continuation of the poetic narrative of the Tree exclaimed the Mountain, focussing on the concpetual warfare of the vedic cultural invasion across global society and the idea of an original divine culture.

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