The tree exclaimed the mountain
As all being were shouting
Too much sound to hear
The sweet word of those dear
To the charming goddess of compassion.

The Dreamers keep dreaming
And the screamers keep screaming
Plug in and turn on the Guru receiver
To believe more than the non believers

Well you know its like
You know its like
Its like
Well you know it's like
Kinda like
You know
You know it‚ it's like
Well like
Kinda like
You've gotta know it in yourself

The movers, the shakers and the Chapati makers,
Thick skinned with a soft heart,
Can't make diddle without the shower of compassion.
Benevolence is the robe that adorns the king,
While the frauds stand naked in the marketplace
With cunning words and the Sales pitcher to cover the miserliness,
of their deeds that feeds on the needs of the innocent.
But the counter stroke joker plays the card 22
No one is innocent in this world‚
again showers the waters of compassion,
drowning the players to a stooper while trying hard to build the sandcastle walls around their conceptions with advertisement posters of neon sign identities and flashing car dreams that scream on the highways of madness
Some will say
Don't tell anyone that the ship sprung a leak,
And the flood 's about to come"
Or they will stone you with rocks of I and mine.
But a thousand stones thrown are worth one faithful passenger,
Who wants a ride on the Real thing
Thick skinned with a soft heart,
Can' t make diddle without the shower of compassion.
Benevolence is the robe that adorns the king,

Demigods play in the hills of the heart making magic into the sky,
As the common folk carry idle gossip and fabricate the truth into nice warm blankets of ignorance that keep their bubbles warm and protected.
Franticly the mind burns for an exit from those bubbles of self-preservation to live in the beauty of Sacrifice.
Worship stands as the apex of the drama, the central pivot of love that gives reason to all the actors and their actions as they fall short of their target, bowing their heads in humility to the cause of all causes.
Flashing eyes swoon the swoonable, then the sensibilities are lost as the sages cast their minds through reality like referees of the great match that plays for the grace of the charming goddess of compassion.
Warfare of sound and the fixed warriors draw their weapons of destiny and cast the dice in the game of chance. The victor's hopes are set to receive the quill of history and the power of the story that can make or mar.
Still the chalice of truth is held in the hand of the child that plays as a thief, liar and dacoit. And all efforts are again lost to the power of love, in the control of beauty and charm.

Blue skies and bumblebees
Winds that blow from cherrytrees
Soft grass and sunshineglow
Witty banter to and fro
Flashing eyes and dashing skin
All things end when ends begin
Music plays and sweetness sounds
Who was lost has now been found.
Smell of cows, earthdust red
Handfuls of fruit and bellies fed
Nightfall spreads, lotus bloom,
And so plays the lovers beneath the moon.

Ever and ever never fear the weather
all is making the seeds grow
Ever and Ever never feel too clever
to be humbled by the flow.

Because of a kiss
An erupting heart seeks to embrace reality.
Captures everything in its hold of love,
And steals it within itself
Eyes weep in confusion
Of not knowing if the fruit will come,
Or if it is real at all.
The finest feeling and the sweetest sound
Is all that keeps us going
The flicker that licks at hope
Shines just out of reach
Stretching the mood to a brink
Desperate and painful
The Bitter Pill
Reaps a pleasure
That always eludes the touch.

Hooks in the heart
Hoon for their destination
As destiny Devi reveals her form.
Moods revel in each other
As Lovers beget that fatal look in the eye
Holding all the possibilities of outcomes,
Destroying rich dreams of Idealism with the tragedy of the flesh
Keep that love that you hold dear in the realm of consciousness
My Friends
Never fear the wind of exposure
Because all that can be vanquished is your pride.
Tragedy always gives strength to the Heart
So the tree can grow more hands to worship the Sun.
And Sweetness will always shine
In the dew
on the grass
Crushed beneath Her feet.

Mountain girl and the body swirl
bringing about some peace,
The earth in the womb and the flow of the moon,
the sweetness when eyes meet.
Mountain spine and the sunshine shrine,
deep ocean moving to a peak,
while the Auspicious ray in the good god's play,
Dances , shinning in fair maidens feet.
Brimming, bursting, with realities exploding,
aiming flowers of the heart with the charming child's dart,
sharing the space to wonder and speak.
Everfresh fortune glowing and showing, playing in beauty's revelation
And love that's sung with Worship and prayer and never a care
of what the past and future will be
the sages for ages share nectar drinks with the deva's
in anticipation of the outcome.
And song of the trees tells the mysteries
Of how time shows its feast.

Spiral dream with the yesterday's girl
Looking for Tomorrows land and the master's plan,
Postive wing for the elusive thing,
pulled on the strings of the Mystery man.
Take her up and give her the dream
Do you know what I mean
Do you know what I mean
How can we play for a thankyou.

Sweetness snare for shapeshifter hare
set with care by the element lords
and their goddess queens
Do you know what I mean
Do you know what I mean
All because of a spiral dream

A celibate's scream in the spiral dream
Do you know what I mean
Do you know what I mean
Flying through the universes
looking for the seam
Do you know what's been
Do you know what's been
Or what's about to follow

Edge of sound on the ground around
something you can't quite touch
meditations end and a little red hen
crying that the sky's fallin in.
for what will satisfy
is on the other side of that.
Smack flat chat
And the golden crack held by
the charming goddess of compassion

Sun and the moon
Heart lotus bloom
Show me the way to the good gods play
Take me to the feet of
the charming goddess of compassion
Rest my heart at the feet of
the charming goddess of compassion
Give me her friends for they are the end
of all that my life can be

Do you know what I mean
in this spiral dream
and how can we play for a thankyou
The price is you life and the trouble and strife,
given to the dear friends
Of the charming goddess of compassion
The friends are the end of sweet love bends
and please never forget them
Remember their names and sing of their fame
and you will charm The charmer of
the charming goddess of compassion.

Will you know what I mean
and where you've been
and what we are about to become
In this spiral dream
And the sacrifice clean
How can we play for a thankyou

The wind sends a sound of the loving mother
And a play of Moon lord and Sunson shine in the orbit stars.
Comet Dancer moves,
defending herself from the jackels that snap at her beauty.
Planet feeling rotates high in the sky with eagle eyes, watching the fortune
"Aloof Aloof Aloof"
Nothing is set in these plays in the Causal ocean.
The universes pob and plop in all directions like Sweet flowers on the Everiver
as the golden crack shines giving light to the darkness below.

The Golden crack
And eruption of sound
The juice of the juice
Leaving the universe drowned.
Floating on the Everiver
The light from good god's toe
And the sweet nectar flow
Floating on the Everiver
Floating floating
Floating like flowers on the Everiver.

The Golden crack
And eruption of sound
The juice of the juice
Leaving the universe drowned.
The great saints and great sages
Leave the nectar drinks of the devas
To bow the heads and offer their hearts
To the lotus feet
Of the charming goddess of compassion.

Begging from you my friends a chance to keep my heart
At the lotus feet
Of the Charming goddess of compassion.